Saturday, September 22, 2012

Under Armour - Finally, A Sports Bra for 'Blessed' Girls!

Have you ever put on a sports bra and your breasts look weird? And you still have no control? Traditional sports bras cause 'uniboob'. You know what I'm talking about...your breasts look like one boob and there is not an indention in the fabric like a traditional bra. Most sports bras look very unnatural and aren't flattering at all, but I'm a C/D cup, and the Under Armour Endure sports bra works wonderfully when I do high impact workouts. The Under Armour Endure also offers great back support while still allowing your breasts to look natural. If you don't believe how great this sports bra is based on what I'm telling you, go to the Under Armour website here for great reviews.

What sports bra brands do you wear? How do they work for you? 

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