Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hulu Plus Free Trial - Hulu Plus Instead of Cable or Satellite?

So, I received a Sony Blu Ray player (see below) from work as a reward for being a team player. On the outside of the box, there was a sticker stating that I could get HuluPlus for 3 months - free. Now, I've had Netflix in the past and was quite impressed with first, then they began to lose movies and shows. I don't think it is worth the money anymore, but I've heard great things about HuluPlus for the most part. Have any of you switched from cable/satellite to HuluPlus? Are you glad that you switched?

I have DirecTV and I currently have no complaints, but I'm always interested in saving money. I mean, who isn't? I'm probably going to sign up for the three free months, then cancel the service depending on how I like it or not. If the experience goes well, I will recommend it to people as an alternative to cable/satellite. There are some that simply can't afford cable/satellite. Let's be real here, the price of cable is on the rise especially with Comcast.

Maybe if consumers use more programs like HuluPlus, it'll force these service providers to lower their costs.

If you'd like to try HuluPlus for one week FREE, click here.

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