Monday, September 24, 2012

Coupon - $1 Off on Shout Color Catcher + Oxi Booster!

Do you use Shout Color Catcher + Oxi Booster? If so, you can save $1 on the product when you like Shout on Facebook. The benefits of Shout Color Catcher + Oxi Booster are:

  1. Sheets lock up loose dyes found in the wash water to prevent dyes from running or bleeding onto other clothes.
  2. Sheets change color as they absorb any loose dyes.
  3. Saves time by reducing the need for sorting.
  4. Saves money by reducing the need for half-size loads.
  5. Oxi Booster powder contains active stain removers to brighten whites and tackle tough stains like grass, dirt, blood and coffee.
  6. Safe for all colorfast washables.
  7. Works in all water temperatures.
Click here and like Shout on Facebook to get your $1 Off Coupon. If you buy the product and use it, please let me know what type of results you get. Is there a different product that you've used that gets better results?

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