Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beachbody Insanity w/Shaun T - Dig Deeper!

The name definitely fits this exercise program. I started Insanity over a year ago and didn't continue. Next week, I'm going to start it again. I remember my first attempt at doing this and it was NOT easy especially when you are like me and lived a sedentary lifestyle. I remember doing Insanity one night and I couldn't even move when I was done - I fell asleep in the floor, lol. Hopefully, I've grown since then. I'm definitely more active. Shaun T, the instructor, is full of energy and I have several other exercise videos by him including Hip Hop Abs. Did you know that he use to be overweight? He decided to make a change in college and has really kept it up. This is a huge motivation for me. Have you tried Insanity? If so, what type of results did you get? How hard was it for you to stick with it?


  1. I sooo need to get this video. I have heard you talk about this workout for quite sometime! Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. Thanks, Tonya. It's a large DVD collection, but I could get it for you and no problem at all. I appreciate the support.